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Galaxy Siege 2

Galaxy Siege 2 - attach the individual modules on the space vessel, so that it flies as far as possible and collects the highest number of stars and diamonds.

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10 610x

Zombieman - walk through the city full of zombies and try to survive as long as possible. If a zombies bites you, you become a zombies too and you will start killing soldiers.

2 989x

Good Morning Zombies - play the role of Rambo, who crashed with his helicopter in a jungle, where he must fight against hundreds of blood-thirsty zombies.

7 888x

The Gates - together with other soldiers, try to save our planet from terrible monsters from the past, who are getting into the cities through magical portals.

26 564x

Army Training - play the role of an anti-terrorist unit member, walk through a training house, shoot at the targets and free the captives.

9 510x

Fortress Guardian 2 - play the role of a brave knight and fight against attacking monsters. Kill them by a bow or a sword.

1 351x

Razor Run - control the space combat plane, fly through the enemy bases, evade obstacles and eliminate nuclear reactors.

12 696x

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