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Luke Deluxe - help a rich guy named Luke to find a way how to avoid wedding with self-serving woman named Alexis.

Categories: Puzzle and logic, Adventure games
12 hours ago Luke Deluxe
Luke Deluxe
3 321x
Stick Squad 3 - help the bounty killers Ron and Damien to liquidate the main boss of a criminal organization which is responsible for countless brutal murders. (14.8MB)

Categories: Shooting games, sniper, Shooting at a moving target
20 hours ago Stick Squad 3
Stick Squad 3
5 720x
Dead Paradise 4 - drive an armored car equipped with weapons through the gaming area, kill enemies, collect bonuses and get to the finish. (17.9MB)

Categories: Racing games, Shooting games, Killer behind the wheel, Shooting survival games
1 day ago Dead Paradise 4
Dead Paradise 4
7 240x
Alley Cat Simulator - playing a role of a cat run through the gaming zone, look for food and do not get caught by a dog. (15.8MB)

Categories: 3D games, Action games, Unity 3D, Obstacle courses
3 days ago Alley Cat Simulator
Alley Cat Simulator
7 976x
eXodus - fly with a small satellite, avoid rocks, stones, trees and try to fly as long as possible without crashing. (38.7MB)

Categories: 3D games, Shooting games, Unity 3D, Air battle games
4 days ago eXodus
17 240x
Sweet 16 - make up and dress nicely a beautiful girl for her sixteenth birthday party. (1.9MB)

Categories: Games for girls, Dress up and make up games
4 days ago Sweet 16
Sweet 16
14 382x
Arrows and Horns - shoot arrows from the bow in order to bounce them from various objects at the game field and bring down all the deer on the board. (3MB)

Categories: Action games, Aiming at the target
2 days ago Arrows and Horns
Arrows and Horns
7 781x
Apocalypse Squared - walk through the game area, kill zombies and try to survive as long as possible. (12.2MB)

Categories: Shooting games, Shooting survival games
4 days ago Apocalypse Squared
Apocalypse Squared
5 054x
Crazy Skater - go on a skateboard without falling down through the whole racetrack and do handsprings and great tricks during the jumps. (5.6MB)

Categories: Sports games, Boardriding
4 days ago Crazy Skater
Crazy Skater
7 994x
School of Witches - help a small sorceress to defend a building of the school for sorceresses from attacking monsters. (21.2MB)

Categories: 3D games, Strategy games, Unity 3D, Fortress defence
5 days ago School of Witches
School of Witches
3 191x
Pajama Boy 3 - accept the identity of a hero in pyjama, overcome the obstacles and set free the members of your family. (7.6MB)

Categories: Jumping games, Adventurous jumping games
4 days ago Pajama Boy 3
Pajama Boy 3
6 971x
Galactic Collector - fly with a small spaceship through the tunnel stuffed with obstacles and try to get as far as possible. (5.8MB)

Categories: 3D games, Action games, Unity 3D, Super skills games, Obstacle courses
5 days ago Galactic Collector
Galactic Collector
3 151x
Crazy City Car 3D Parking - choose any car, follow the white arrow and park it where indicated before the time is up. (14.5MB)

Categories: 3D games, Racing games, Unity 3D, parking
5 days ago Crazy City Car 3D Parking
Crazy City Car 3D Parking
12 917x
Abandoned: The Cube Chambers - find the way out from a mysterious pyramid where the rooms look almost identical. (24.5MB)

Categories: Puzzle and logic, Escape adventure games
5 days ago Abandoned: The Cube Chambers
Abandoned: The Cube Chambers
3 632x
A Fish - controlling a small fish consume the worms to grow bigger and avoid the contact with big fish and worms on a hook with fishing-line. (5.6MB)

Categories: 3D games, Relaxing games, Unity 3D, Fishing games
5 days ago A Fish
A Fish
5 010x
Royal Squad - protect the scientists in your camp from hordes of zombies, skeletons and other kinds of enemies. (12.8MB)

Categories: Strategy games, Fortress defence
5 days ago Royal Squad
Royal Squad
12 363x
GT Racing Challenge - a cool 3D racing game that offers two game modes and four game locations. (25.8MB)

Categories: 3D games, Racing games, Unity 3D, 3D racing
5 days ago GT Racing Challenge
GT Racing Challenge
9 862x
Crash Drive 2: Tank Battles - 3D multiplayer racing game where you will drive a tank around the game area and liquidate tanks of the other players. (11.1MB)

Categories: 3D games, Racing games, Multiplayer games, Unity 3D, 3D racing, Multiplayer racing
6 days ago Crash Drive 2: Tank Battles
Crash Drive 2: Tank Battles
39 344x


Monkey Go Happy Eggs - cheer up sad monkeys by helping them to find 100 Easter eggs. (6.4MB)

Categories: Puzzle and logic, Monkey Go Happy, Adventure games
16 days ago Monkey Go Happy Eggs
Monkey Go Happy Eggs
57 860x
How To Train Your Dragon: Launch Surprise - playing a role of a Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III prepare the tastiest lunch for a dragon Toothless. (3.5MB)

Categories: Games for girls, Games for Kids, Fairy tale games
24 days ago How To Train Your Dragon: Launch Surprise
How To Train Your Dragon: Launch Surprise
140 187x
Farm Frenzy 2 Full Version - exclusively we bring you the full version of the legendary farm game Farm Frenzy 2, nowadays for free and without downloading!

Categories: Strategy games, Games for girls, Farm Games, Virtual jobs
Farm Frenzy 2 Full Version
Farm Frenzy 2 Full Version
252 837x
Pinata Hunter 3 - with all your force beat the rag animals and catch the falling sweets for which you can buy different improvements. (3.1MB)

Categories: Fighting games, Funny games, Cash harvesting
Pinata Hunter 3
Pinata Hunter 3
262 779x

We recommend

World of Tanks (WoT) - play the most popular team online game of the recent times in the environment of WWII. (Game requires download)

Categories: 3D games, Shooting games, Multiplayer games, 3D shooting games, Tanks, Multiplayer shooter
World of Tanks
World of Tanks
661 424x
Goodgame Big Farm - take care of an agricultural homestead and in the game Goodgame Big Farm try to build up a profitable farm.

Categories: Strategy games, Games for girls, Relaxing games, Goodgame games, Virtual jobs, Farm Games
Goodgame Big Farm
Goodgame Big Farm
7 388 065x
Goodgame Empire - actual game event: Goodgame Empire - Thorn King. Play the best rated MMO game of all time Goodgame Empire at full screen mode or in a particular window.

Categories: Relaxing games, Strategy games, Goodgame games, World domination
Goodgame Empire
Goodgame Empire
8 360 398x
Drakensang Online - become one of the most feared heroes in this combat strategy game and fight against terrible opponents!

Categories: Strategy games, Fighting games, World domination, Fighting survival games
Drakensang Online
Drakensang Online
37 382x
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