Do You Believix?

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Do You Believix?

number of plays: 16 829×
Game controls: by mouse

Do You Believix? - this game takes place in magical Gardenia, where you can reveal your hidden talent.

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Best comments

Canis (3 years ago)

know the fandoms dead but uh just thought id say... this game is painfully hard but super worth it bc the wings u get at the end are amazing oaihsvfbd. also. ALSO. the dragonspear potion IS possible, i DID beat it. its 1 part pink dust, 2 parts orange dust, and 1 part green essence. dont even thank me. 33

CamilaGamer (3 years ago)

This game is awesome. I finished the game 17

Kaylee (2 years ago)

This game is great! I'm really sad the fandom's dead... :L 13

Latest comments

SRH (4 months ago)

I need help with the dragonspear potion can someone help me please it keeps on saying I havent done it right, even though i tried like a gazillion times, so can somebody help me please??

Jakey (6 months ago)

i acctually spell can't into can lol

Jakey (6 months ago)

Good thing this continue i was like i can do that dragon spear i was like lemme restart and do it all over again and i was like looking at the comment how to do dragonspear i was like WAT and good thing the game continue's or else i would be playing the game all over again

smh (6 months ago)

@Okay..- My eyes started tearing up at that part, xD

smh (6 months ago)

@Blammy- Same.

Musa.. (6 months ago)


freeze (6 months ago)

When I go to tecna it randomly freezes and I need to get off and go back on and it restarts the batteries. It's irritating. 1

I have no idea (8 months ago)

Whoever said it took them 6 years to finish the game, it only took me 6 hours or something like that. Sorry I like bragging. The game really isn't that hard, you just have to try hard. 1

idk (9 months ago)

i want breaddddd 1

talia (10 months ago)

glitchy, what you do is relod the page and try it

aruanna (10 months ago)

ok! i just found the out how to do the spicel rainbow of rainbows 2nd part. u just put in pink esence, pink dust in that order. just repet on purple and green. 1

glitchy (11 months ago)

I just met musa and this is my first thing that i do with her- and the guitar thing isnt popping up, and when i click on musa it just tells me "aim for 60% accuracy". The game won't progress until i do this, so idk what to do 1

randompeep (12 months ago)

Geez, I can honestly say that today after 6 years of trying... I completed this game! I really love the ending. But man, is this game hard. Like it took me 6 years to finish it, SIX YEARS! But it always stay an important part of my childhood! So will Winx Club in general.

bloom (12 months ago)

can anyone help me with the storm one?

naha (12 months ago)

I even switched the order around and swapped bottles literally n o t h i n g !

naha (12 months ago)

yo this some glitch. I literally just started the game and the first time im making a potion with aisha nothing is happening. I have the bottle out and i click to pour the dust/essence in and nothing shows up. not even a black potion. PLEASE HELP

Sin Thant (one year ago)

Can someone pls help, i cant finish the potion by add 1 part green dust, 2 part blue dust and 1 part pink essence. pls help 2

Bailey (one year ago)

I can't finish potion by adding 1 part green dust 2 part blue dust and 1 part pink essence. Help me! 6

A person (one year ago)

Nevermind, I figured It out.

a person (one year ago)

I need help with something. On the potion level, I am mixing a bubble fruit potion, and on the second part of the potion, I fill the entire bottle with the correct ingredients, but It turns black and won't work.

Cryotic (one year ago)


Slimy (one year ago)


Blammy (one year ago)

I have been playing this game for years And I still didn't finish the game Lol 1

omg (one year ago)

U HALPED MEH WITH DRAGON SPARE even though u said no need to thank you, I STILL DID

cansis thank uuu (one year ago)


Okay.. (one year ago)

The musa part made my eyes burn. 1

Winx Club Fan (one year ago)

Musa's part is SOOO HARD D;

Woof (one year ago)


nothing (one year ago)

how i make the potion 1 part of green dust 2 parts of blue dust and 1 part of pink essence 1

mmm (2 years ago)

mysha so cute 3

parrot (2 years ago)

there should be bloom part too , play 5

mango (2 years ago)

this game is awesome it......there should be more games like this 4

Kizi (2 years ago)

Musa's part is so hard 5

person (2 years ago)

dear random i was stuck too! you just have to mix it up it worked for me that me 1

person (2 years ago)

the storm ancient part is ticking me off she"s telling me to put 1 part green dust 2 parts blue dust and one part pink essence it isnt working 2

princess katir (2 years ago)

i finished the game its hard but fun and you will enjoy it :) 1

random (2 years ago)

I can't get past this part: It doesn't if I am supposed to use dust or essence! "Great! You'll mix Pink, Purple, and Green now. One part of each." 3

Random (2 years ago)

I know Aisha pissed off some of you, including me. So to fix this bug, you have to do the first potion, when she asked you to do the second potion, exit to the main girls select menu thingy and then enter into the Aisha's potion station again. It works for me so you can try it out. You can try user lawrence's tip too! 4

Somebody (2 years ago)

Im starting to rage and Aisha is pissing me off! I cant get pass the "Evil Storm Ancient" something like that and shes telling me to put "1 part green dust, 2 parts blue dust and 1 part pink essence" I did try re-arranging them but it still doesn't work and its really making me mad help!!!!! 5

Rosalix (2 years ago)

Even though I mix up the order my potions are in, it never works out. What am I doing wrong? 1

Sarisa9 (2 years ago)

This game is really good. It took me a while to beat, but ultimately I loved it. 2

lawrence (2 years ago)

yo if the potions you make don't work for aisha even though you added the correct amount, try rearranging the order you pour the stuff in. i.e., if a potions calls for one part blue essence and two parts pink dust (as an earlier comment has referenced), try pouring the pink dust in first instead of the blue essence. same goes for more complex potions, too; just switch the first ingredient and make it the last one. works every time! 3

Jack (2 years ago)

never told my friends about my loving of this show. too weird. 2

Natalie (2 years ago)

Ugh! I can't get past the 1 part blue essence and 2 parts pink dust in Aisha!! 3

Sarisa9 (2 years ago)

Never mind, it works now

Sarisa9 (2 years ago)

On Techna, when it refreshes the board, the board won't react to my clicks. I have to reload and start over. It's really frustrating. Can you look into it? Maybe it's just a problem with my computer. 1

Camila Badwolf (3 years ago)

WOW,this game is so awesome!!! (PS:I am CamilaGamer,my acc here got deleted so yeah i made new) 1

A person (3 years ago)

When I'm trying to do the quest more potions it wont let me mix anything and everything else works I'm afraid if I close the tab I'll lose my progress 2

RoseHeart (3 years ago)

This game lite 2

aisha (3 years ago)

i love the game 4

Charlotte (3 years ago)

I have the biggest crush on musa!! 2

ILoveWinx (3 years ago)

Musa wants 94% and that's something I just can't give to her. The look on her face after my failed attempts is dissapointment. 5

bloom (3 years ago)

van choi duoc sao ko choi do noi xao

bloom (3 years ago)

tro nay ko choi duoc 2

name isnt important (3 years ago)

da game dont work! 2

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