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Youtube Simulator

number of plays: 40 336×
Game controls: by mouse

Youtube Simulator - try to become the most famous YouTuber in the world.

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Best comments

ImproveGamePlease (3 years ago)

I like the game its really good but I think you should make it more fun and interesting by maybe letting you change youtube profile picture and channel art and maybe letting you create your own video thumbnail. Also I think you should add more channel genres rather than just vlogging and gaming. Apart from that the game was good and enjoyable, but any of or all of these improvements would make the game even better!! 26

IAmTheGreatest101 (one year ago)

i am #1 on leaderboard...i have over 2 million subscribers. 13

Markiplier (11 months ago)


Latest comments

jeff (15 days ago)

i enjoy cow boobies 2

JennatienColdieous (17 days ago)

I would like to say to whom this may consider this game is very peculiar ; this is an interesting way to put this YouTube or what ever its is in a friend family game could scratch now I am time traveling from the past so dont worry about the voice I may speak from and pardon my English but by the we are all shall be could human right ; so option on this is why do we people in thy past not have this technology called computers its weird over view its worse than any of the wars I have been through but I cant remember if I have been through any only when my other half said to be know as my brother when we shall hit it of with our home show boxing ( btw this is all a joke but I was born in 1309 so I am old ) 1

Lia (25 days ago)

Omg this is honestly a good game but can u give us like options on what to to do like maybe its a vlog maybe it gta idk 2

Clapped_Duck (3 months ago)

I'm gonna spend all day on this, if not the whole year 2

Boi (4 months ago)

It’s not loading ????

WinTheWynner (5 months ago)

This is sad it isn't loading :C

aarongaming (5 months ago)

this is the best channel i am a big fan but i don't like your fan mail. this is a bad idea so suck off. i didn't you would open my fan mail. i don't want to be in this family. so bye i suck you off later. 1

Alexasin (6 months ago)

Yo guys, why the fricking hate? Saying I am number 1 and you are trash you can't be the first is not of a big deal, I can pass you guys in just a second, so cut this s*** and enjoy this game! 2

boy suck (7 months ago)

i am from the future

bigdaddygaming (7 months ago)

who dosn't want to be the greatest youtuber of all time. this app lets you become the greatest and the strongest youtuber ever. this APP is so amazing. it lets you name yourself whatever you want. this app is the best simulator game ever. i played this game 5 days straght this is awsome.

bigdaddygaming (7 months ago)

stop acting like baby's guys!!! 1



gamingwithgavin (7 months ago)

listen IAMTHEGREATEST101 nobody cares about you being #1 on the leader board

Francesco (8 months ago)

I think this game is really cool because it feels to me realistic and the reprenstation of a youtuber's life.

Averi (8 months ago)

This is so boring. 1

YeahBoiii (10 months ago)

Nice Game. :D

Fortnite is ma life (one year ago)

Its boring :/

Dev sucks (one year ago)

This is just a ripoff of a game called tube tycoon dont play this 1

beca00 (one year ago)

yeah it's kinda boring i mean i may not be doing anything correctly but still.i don't like it i mean at least make it so you can do other things such as vlog and see the videos and make your profile. :/ 1

ihascupquake (one year ago)

Very realistic! 3

heyyoush... (one year ago)

loved it! i give i a star 1

tkrau16 (one year ago)

Hello everybody 2

commomco (one year ago)

This game is so cool. 3

Logan Paul Vlogs (one year ago)

I need to bot the SYSTEM!! 1

iwiketurtlesD: (one year ago)

I pretend im a yter. 1

ExtremeGamerGuy (one year ago)

REPETITIVE, VERY REPETITIVE! Like the music though. 2

TheGreatest101 (one year ago)

it took me 24 hours to get to the rank number 1 on the leaderboards and then when i went back on to check to see if it was still wasnt.please fix this game jeessshhhhhh. 3

karl (one year ago)

i only got 2 subs!

bellaplaysandreacts (2 years ago)

only 2 subs 2

meh (2 years ago)

i just reached 30000 and i still have the achievement "you reached 100 subscribers"!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:( 2

??? (2 years ago)

its addicting but bland :(

lil killa (2 years ago)

it loaded

Beautiful (2 years ago)

This game did not even LOAD i hate this website and i hope you all die. Thanks :D 1

CosmicCatalyst (2 years ago)

No Silver, Gold Nor Diamond Play Button 1

NUTS (2 years ago)


#rayofsun (2 years ago)

It won't load :(

Diperboy89 (2 years ago)

i don't know if it's good or not, i'm going give it a like! 2

lolrus (2 years ago)

I like the game just fine its just that it was stolen from scratch and the original creator 3

lolrus (2 years ago)

who else agrees that if they are gonna use the one from scratch they should at least give credit to scratch and the original creator 2

lolrus (2 years ago)

stole it from scratch 1

DatBoi (2 years ago)

MAKE IT MORE instresting its a bit boring needs to make it more like utube 3

cris (3 years ago)

lol 2

bruuuuh (3 years ago)

game is a** 1

DerekD (3 years ago)

Great game... so addicting 1

ThatGuyRoss (3 years ago)

@Jack yeah its a bit vague and uninteresting but I really really like it its very fun 1

LolaGaming03 (3 years ago)

Needs more pictures and stuff but really fun 5

Jack (3 years ago)

@ImproveGamePlease I agree with you, the game is a bit vague and boring but I really like it and its addicting, so any improvements would be great also maybe make it brighter and more colourfull!! 2

hey (3 years ago)

i really like the game its cool but I don't really know how to play it its a bit hard, ut great anyway 2

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