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The strict man from this funny video is not interested in women and he does not like striptease. The video with the beautiful blond is in bad taste, or so he thinks. Thats is why he switches the video off after a while and expresses his discontent. Moreover, the fat man does something very spiteful in the end of the video. All the men will be disappointed because of it. However, this witty video will please them in the end and they will surely laugh at it.


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Comments - Striptease Enemy (118)

Best comments:

3 years ago john: watch me to see his sexy boobs    140

3 years ago alex776: she is so SEXY looking body WTF f*** i want to see her removing her BRA and UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!    48

3 years ago LOL: How do u watch the full movie    48

Latest comments:

30 days ago hghig: Can't download this game

a month ago oidah: so sexy. I would kill the f*** man. but sensual bruttne

4 months ago Your Dad: I am not happy with you masturbating to this!    -1

6 months ago ml123: hey

7 months ago SEXY: Play this game ???

7 months ago xxxx: i need girl to ride    2

7 months ago george: Anyone have full vid?

7 months ago pussydestroyer: lol

7 months ago taphy: her name?

8 months ago girly: i hate that fat man f*** him    2

8 months ago girl: f*ck hur p**** remove her bra and penty    2

8 months ago Baba: what her name?    -2

8 months ago komathi: better come on do more sexy

8 months ago girl: i feel to sexy and i am to sexy and her boobs are boring my boobs r to hot    2

10 months ago STeven: people down grade cause they cant see tits lol i was exited too but you mother f* haters gota get a life :D    1

11 months ago rex: KILL that f* fat b**** ,,!,,

one year ago bcd: why don't you take your whole clothes and come to me    -2

one year ago dave: lol    -2

one year ago nvy: her bra is cute    -1


one year ago the: nice    -1

2 years ago ssssssssssssssssss: what a boobs

2 years ago ILOVE SEX: I wish the man didnt stop the part wear she takes her bra off    6

2 years ago afthab: i cannot see athing

2 years ago Sex maniac: Watch me to see her sexy boobs.    4

2 years ago Sex maniac: Shes mine love the boobs one day one of us might get to have s** with her

2 years ago akshay: whata a boobs i like it    2

2 years ago that mans arch enemy: that was funny

2 years ago sandeep: F*** that idiot man    3

2 years ago Porn Premium account: i just search the word BRAZZLOGIN w** man you´re sick lol

2 years ago brazzlogin: i can´t undress this blonde what´s the problem? that fatso just has to die btw i´m into this    4

2 years ago kevin: dumb man    3

2 years ago fat asshole: f*** that fayso

2 years ago Randomnessy: It would be perfect if this game had a gun incorporated.

2 years ago fish: shes hot but that was funny

2 years ago 3210: anyone know the name of this girl, cuz most of us wanna know :)

2 years ago naked girl fucker: the man is an idiot    3

2 years ago don: sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy game    4

2 years ago nige: its a dogs life

2 years ago fucker: wanna remove ur bra and underware my self    2

2 years ago fucker: wanna kiss booooooobbs and bikni area    2

2 years ago fucker: wanna kiss the boobs and wanna have a baby now by f* uummmmmahhhhhh this kiss is 4 ur bikni area

3 years ago asia: i will kill that fat man    4

3 years ago mmmmm: yeah.. now loading

3 years ago jimn : I wish I could rip them clothes off and f**k her

3 years ago Polio: Oh my god I so wanna f*** her    2

3 years ago big fuckerrrrr: i love her sexxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy    3

3 years ago sfsdfdsf: kiss    -1

3 years ago Anon: I just want to suck those boobs and lick her p Mmmmmmmmmm    3

3 years ago FuckingMan: F* Fatman...!!!    2

3 years ago kumar: hiiiiiiiiii

3 years ago bau: this makes my d*** up    5

3 years ago SatansDad: Stupid shitskin camel fucker dune c*** rag heads that troll in here all need to die!    2

3 years ago Cantdoit: Is this f* man gay or some s***    1

3 years ago michu: i will kill that fat man

3 years ago fck this dude: fck this fat guy

3 years ago Dan Cook: Girls kik dcook92 to exchange pics or talk dirty :)    -2

3 years ago 0919: I really want to see the full movie!

3 years ago SALMAN: dance    -4

3 years ago salman: show boobs    3

3 years ago ali: i want to f*** her    3

3 years ago Humayun: i would like to see her naked    17

3 years ago as pussy cock boob: someone please f*** right now! my adress is underneeth jonesboro ar, 4303 aggie rd #93 im a man seeking for a woman    -13

3 years ago angie: someone tell this stupid a** guy to suck a truck!!!!1    3

3 years ago big size penise : u like dogy style f****chance hole one night lol    2

3 years ago penise: sexy boobs show ur p    3

3 years ago chelsea: how do you get past the stupid rewind guy!    3

3 years ago harish: notiy picture    -3

3 years ago boob pussy: sum1 f*** me nw    1

3 years ago fuck me: sexy b****    1

3 years ago ann: yummy

3 years ago Psycho: what is her name?    3

3 years ago geetha: love    5

3 years ago sexyjuicytits(amy): i hate the fat man    6

3 years ago fucker: soooo sexxxxxxy!!!!    4

3 years ago playboy: its hard to type with one hand    1

3 years ago chris: hay girls if u wont to sext my number is 6036742621 if u sext me do it at 300 pm cus im out of wark at that time    3

3 years ago amy: i would let her rub my tts against hers    2

3 years ago mjr: ahhhhh    -3

3 years ago lucas: How do you get past the rewind?    3

3 years ago Khara: Takes long to load... but its worth it!

3 years ago Makenzie Whitley: Wow love it!

3 years ago HANTR: she is f**K Se*Y BABY    1

3 years ago SheJazzy22: good game, i like!!!

3 years ago 5454: lame

3 years ago Dak Ho: ya f* morons. #Merica    -3

3 years ago chris: she has some sexy f***ing boobs!    1

3 years ago ergfdgfd: soooo sexy boobs and pussy    2

3 years ago stupid: bull shit    -2

3 years ago Sheyay: ho to download this thing?    4

3 years ago guess my name???????: She is my aunt!!!!!    3

3 years ago 78955: wow her boobs is bigger than i thought    -3

3 years ago 5213: What the f*** does itch that guy i want to see that lady remove her underwear and bra    1

3 years ago dyk: f*** u    4

3 years ago Steve: WTF f*** u terra asshole

3 years ago rock-ur....: bloody asshole..fuc.. terra    1

3 years ago anynomus: how can i turn off the terra control    1

3 years ago FrustratedSam: Is there an end or does this go on forever?    -4

3 years ago FUCKASS: BACK OFF    -8

3 years ago 420: watch full    3

3 years ago D123: F*** Him!    2

3 years ago astralkill00: So the one who cr8 this video is pervy? and what's with all the downgrade? Zzzzzzzzzz    -3

3 years ago jackolista: aw . i aroused :D    4

3 years ago blessie: sexy    7

3 years ago LOL: I cant watch the full video    9

3 years ago LOL: what the hell is TERRA CONTROL    -2

3 years ago gey: Hadise    1

3 years ago razor: fuck that terra control    -8

3 years ago astralkill00: terra parental control??? whahahaha    -2

3 years ago astralkill00: Can you download this thing? so great!!!    3

3 years ago CArl: hahaha cool    -1

3 years ago Shahid: Whats A quality controler brother    -8

3 years ago jux: awesome    -4

3 years ago jorex: spectarful    -5

3 years ago dhrumil: john is right    12

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